In the summer of nine years ago, I came out to Xinfeng with my youthfulness and my dream shortly after I left the school. Time flies, as if just yesterday, those most beautiful youths in my life have stayed here. Today, time is still there, Qing Shi has been refined into a familiar person, and her dream is to sail forward. I remember that when I first met Xinfeng, I thought it was just one of thousands of Wenzhou private enterprises. When she was incorporated into Xinfeng, she found that she was different. It was a big ship moving forward, a vast stage, and a warm family. In my eyes, Xinfeng is a big ship sailing forward. The 16-character policy of the chairman of the company is "trust-based, treat people with sincerity, expand with new, and win with quality." Pathfinder became the leader. From 1989 to 2019, thirty years of dedication, thirty years of development, broad understanding and appointment, thick accumulation and thin hair. Xinfeng has ushered in a colorful and colorful harvest season. From Jinxiang, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Nanhai, Guangdong, Zhaoqing, and Suqian, Jiangsu, one factory after another has been completed, and one project after another has been carried out. The whole group is full of vitality and presents a good development trend. There are more and more partners, and the industry continues to praise. Sailing is inseparable from a good helmsman. For 30 years, Xinfeng has established a healthy and sunny social image, and its influence has been expanding. Both the social reputation and the economic benefits are harvested, all of which can not be separated from the hard work of the Xinfeng colleagues, and more importantly, thanks to the courage, perseverance and charm of the era of Xinfeng Group's helm. In my eyes, Xinfeng is a platform for dreamers to pursue their dreams and realize their self-worth. As the saying goes, "Good water makes good wine, good soil molds good pots, and a good environment cultivates good people." Xinfeng gives young people the opportunity to show themselves. As long as you have dreams and pursuits, you can gain a lot of fruits by spending your sweat on the big platform of Xinfeng. Xinfeng's promotion mechanism is open and transparent. Everyone is treated equally, in various positions, to meet the different personalities and specialties of colleagues. As long as you work hard and achieve certain results, Xinfeng provides many opportunities for promotion and recognition. Many people have been promoted from front-line workshop employees to team leaders, workshop directors, department managers, and even others to manage a company alone; Xinfeng lets some people with ideas and abilities to run offices opened by the company and let them Become a "millionaire" in people's mouth. Since the establishment of the party branch in 2005, 17 people pursuing progress have joined the Chinese Communist Party. At the same time, the company has made great efforts to train talents, various management trainings and professional trainings, so that novices can become a good hand in business and profession. Xinfeng allows dreamers to realize their self-worth and gain a sense of fulfillment. In my eyes, Xinfeng is a platform for cultivators to sweat and cultivate. Some people grew up in Xinfeng, some people became home in Xinfeng, and some people started their business in Xinfeng ... Xinfeng changed a lot Human destiny. During these years of working at Xinfeng, some people bought cars, some people bought houses, and set off on the road to a well-off society. I am one of them. I came out of a small fishing village along the coast. I can be said to be penniless. In these nine years in Xinfeng, I paid off my debts and provided a house in Zhaoqing. Harvest. Xinfeng allows cultivators to harvest rich fruits, live the life they want, and gain a full sense of happiness. In my eyes, Xinfeng is a warm big family. The chairman is a charity, and there are endless things to do to donate money to help the elderly. During the holidays, Jinxiang Company visited the employees in need and sent holiday wishes. Employees became ill, and the whole plant donated. Every Christmas, the wife of the chairman buys Christmas fruit from his own pocket and gives it to each employee. There are also various benefits such as birthday benefits, "three and eight festivals" benefits, annual tourism, bright and warm apartment-style dormitories ... one by one, warming the hearts of all Xinfeng people, so that all Xinfeng people are full A sense of belonging. Today, the 30th birthday of Xinfeng is ushered in. I am proud that I can participate in the voyage of Xinfeng, a large and rapid-going ship. I thank Xinfeng for cultivating me, training me, and giving me a career in pursuit of my own value Platform, without the cultivation of Xinfeng, I would not have everything today. According to Li Yanhong's words, "The wind rises and the water rises, we know that the sky is high; the sea is flowing, Fang shows the true nature of the hero." I believe that Xinfeng will be better tomorrow!