Spring production mobilization On February 14th, at the Spring Festival Tea Party, all employees, from the general manager to the front line, came to the conference early to participate in the first safety production mobilization deployment conference in Kaichun. At the meeting, the general manager Chen Jiafu emphasized that the principle of "zero tolerance, strict investigation and emphasis on prevention" must be adhered to in production safety issues, and every Xinfeng person must "go to work happily and work safely and safely". So far, it has sounded the alarm of Xinfeng's 2019 safety production prevention ... Under the safety of production, the workshop should be re-examined, ordered, and alert At 9 o'clock on February 18th, the Production Coordination Committee (ordinary senior management meeting) reached a resolution on the issue of production safety. A five-member team from the Ministry of Administration, Production, and Mechanical Repair jointly set up a production safety hidden troubles inspection team and went deep into the production line. Every start-up machine carries out "re-examination of production safety hazards, re-command, and then alert" activities. During the period, Huang Kailiang, the person in charge of safety, led a team, and took photos, registration, discussion, and rectification of work-prone points such as bare wires, machine operations with diseases, and safe operation of electric hoists for each machine in production. The operator of the machine ’s safety operations repeatedly “patted his shoulders, reminded him, and dusted out” ... One of the pictures, the production manager Xiang Xiaobin followed the inspection team to the No. 5 machine, and was turning on the machine. The team leader carefully instructed: "Starting work, safety is the first priority. Where do you think this machine is the most dangerous, where do you need to pay attention to safety, where do we need to help prevent and rectify the equipment ... Organize workshop directors, team leaders, and mechanics to discuss on-site rectification plans. All employees of safety production went to the workshop to observe, inspect, and evaluate At 9 o'clock on February 24th, a total of 13 persons including the person in charge of the quality inspection department, production department, production workshops, etc. of the head of the Enterprise Safety Office, Huang Kailiang, formed the first 5S safety inspection scoring team in 2019, and launched the first round of 19 years. 5S security inspection, observation, inspection, evaluation and unified actions. During the operation, a huge inspection team picked up every potential safety hazard in the workshop and found out what was wrong, forming a positive energy deterrent propaganda effect ... Inspection, supervision and rectification of production safety At 9 o'clock on February 28, a 2019 5S Security Inspection Leading Group was established in the conference room on the second floor of the Administration Building. At the same time, based on the original 2018 5S safety normalization inspection and evaluation plan, combined with the actual implementation of inspection and rectification since the start of construction in 2019, new “one-to-one” hidden dangers were newly launched in real-time, rectification, tracking, and evaluation integrated test operation Modules, and after collective discussion, revision, and signing, they are reported to the general manager for approval and formally issued for implementation on March 1. As of March 15, 384 rectification points have been initiated one-on-one through the “5S Safety Scoring” module. The rectifications have been completed and imported to 371 archives, including 31 rectifications for potential safety hazards. Create an atmosphere of discipline, standardization and safe production At 4:00 pm on March 18th, the general plan of the "Workers Discipline Month Rectification Month" theme program discussion meeting was hosted by the general manager Chen Jiafu in the large conference room on the second floor of the administrative building. Attended the meeting. At the meeting, the "Workers Discipline Rectification Month" activity leading group was first set up with full responsibility for the discussion, formulation, promotion, implementation, summary and revision of the entire activity plan. Subsequently, for the production safety accidents in previous years, most of them were caused by irreparable injuries to employees due to non-standard operations such as mobile phone play and dozing off at work, and they decided to launch a one-month "work-discipline-reconciliation-month" activity. Each stage (March 20-March 31 is the mobilization publicity stage, April is the rectification stage, and May-December is the consolidation stage) to create a strong atmosphere of production "safety prevention first, all employees observe discipline production". Retraining and re-promotion of work safety alarms On March 21, according to the general manager Chen Jiafu's concept of "zero tolerance, hard work training, strict investigation, and serious prevention" on production safety issues, the Ministry of Administration actively organized a "safety production" theme training activity in the multimedia activity hall on the third floor of the administrative building. . New employees and some retired employees who arrived in 2019 participated in the training activities. At the scene, a work-related injury warning film that was closely related to safety in production was played first. Then, Huang Kailiang, the chief person in charge of safety of the Ministry of Administration, explained through the PPT courseware about the causes, probability, and prevention methods of work-related accidents. The detailed simulation and analysis of the use of emergency production tools (such as the use of fire extinguishers) and other aspects have made everyone present at the site feel the importance of working in production, studying regulations, and obeying commands. Strengthen and strengthen the management of hazardous chemicals On March 24th, at the production coordination meeting, in order to learn "3.21 lessons from the explosion accident in Jiangsu Xiangshui Chemical Plant", the production department, administration department, procurement department and quality inspection department of the company jointly Based on the Management Regulations, the Management Regulations for Dangerous Chemicals Empty Barrels and the Management Regulations for the Safety Storage Limits of Dangerous Chemicals Solvents have been successively discussed and promulgated. In short, the alarm for safe production cannot be stopped for a moment. Only the safe production of each day can make every employee "happy to go to work and go home safely and securely." The operation is inseparable from every team leader, workshop director, and department manager's careful pre-natal inspection and instructions, standardized operation during production, and patient end-of-life. As the person in charge of the Administration Department, I shoulder the burden of safety supervision. Here I will make a positive contribution to every Xinfeng person and every day of Xinfeng's safe production. Everything is good, and peace is good. No matter how busy the production is, we will never forget it.