On January 15, 2019, Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xinfeng Group, and Wenzhou Xinfeng Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. jointly held the 2018 management department report report. The development situation and the work plan for 2019 were summarized and reported. The two companies had a profound exchange of ideas and work sharing. Group Chairman Miao Cunliang and Group General Manager Miao Xinxing made objective comments on the reports of each department, and Important instructions were given to the two companies' strategies for the new year. At the meeting, the heads of the sales department, production department and workshops, planning department, quality control department, warehousing department, purchasing department, financial department and other departments made a summary report in turn. Under the severe economic environment, the sales of Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co., Ltd. increased by 64.1% year-on-year, and Wenzhou Xinfeng Decoration Co., Ltd. increased by 13.7%, which is the result of the joint efforts of the two management teams to overcome difficulties. This year, according to the general manager's instructions, the spirit of innovation will be implemented into specific monthly work. In the spirit of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and without the spirit of innovation and outstandingness, each department must be innovative and breakthrough every month. Try, dare to think, dare to do, and tap the highlights of each department. Failure is not terrible. I am afraid that indulging in habitual thinking deadlock will lead to stagnation. There is no single perfect person, only perfect collective groups. Various departments have also raised difficulties and deficiencies encountered in their work. In 2019, these deficiencies will be corrected to make department management more standardized. Rome was not built in one day. There is no real enterprise. There is no pie in the sky or falsification. In the current popular phrase, "results will not accompany you to perform." At the core, do every detail well, so that every screw has a standard execution force. Only with the spirit of pioneering, pragmatic and refinement, continuous innovation and indomitable spirit can there be a company that keeps improving. Xinfeng is a big family. Only when we work together, learn from each other, contribute, unite and trust, can we achieve a win-win situation, just like the slogan of Xinfeng Culture. In 2019, let Xinfeng people twist into a rope, make persistent efforts towards a common goal, and take it to the next level.